Small Deception

Small Deception

A deformed, but engaging 7-year-old with special powers, avenges herself against the parents and society that have kept her hidden. Denny knows she is unwanted. Her only ally is her older sister, Beth, who loves and protects her—until Beth learns that her little sister can read her thoughts. Unknown to the others, precocious Denny is behind disastrous happenings. No one is safe in her presence.

An ugly 7-year-old with special powers avenges herself against the family who has kept her hidden

Monty sat cool and composed beside me in the waiting room leafing through an issue of “Newsweek”, unperturbed by the two uniformed men stationed at either side of the entrance to the doctor’s office. Their eyes targeted me at frequent intervals—every ten seconds, I calculated—and I had an uneasy feeling that their presence was connected to my being there, that they were waiting for my session with the doctor to be over before snatching me and carting me away. I pictured myself behind bars in a small, bare room without a window. Inmates in other cells would jeer and taunt me. They were girls from the street whose language I did not fully understand. I wondered why, without knowing me, they didn’t like me. I looked down at my hands clasped in my lap and longed for the solitude of the peach room I occupied on the second floor balcony at One-Forty-One Park Square.

“How did your father feel about Denny?”  “He didn’t know about her,” I answered, giving him something to mull over. The doctor’s expression did not change. He waited for me to go on, but I was busy trying to sort out a memory.   Buy the Ebook



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