How to Really Know Yourself Through Your Handwriting

Handwriting is used in Europe in daily life, from personnel selection to medical diagnostics. A serious attempt was made to introduce it into the United States for the same purposes, with the difference being that those practicing it in the US are not university-trained as those in Europe are. It would be wise to know at least the basics of what will again be a subject of controversy in the coming years. Shirl Solomon’s book is an excellent source of such information.

Handwriting is controlled by the electrical system originating in the brain but influenced by everything from nutrition to psychological trauma. While trained medical personnel can use handwriting to make a diagnosis that can then be verified by medical tests, saving much time and expense, the use of such by non-medical persons is highly dangerous.

With this warning, it is possible for anyone with a modicum of knowledge about handwriting to get a broad overview of a person’s general nature through looking at their handwriting. People whose handwriting is predominantly round differ greatly from those whose handwriting is square or triangular. This trait shows itself as soon as a child is capable of putting a crayon to paper and develops along with the child. Solomon’s book gives drawings by various children and explains their significance to the adults who may be trying to better understand them.

It also gives the basic handwriting configurations and gives a broad outline of what is important to the person doing the writing, allowing a peek into the inner needs of the adults around us every day.

Anyone who is capable of using information in the broad overview would find this book very useful in their daily lives. Those who are extremely detail-oriented are recommended to take university-level graphology courses in conjunction with reading this, one of the best books on the market. Those who want to use it to gain control over others are recommended to get a degree in psychology before reading it.

How to buy this book

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