A Serious Fun Book That Tests Sex Traits of Others

“Graphic Sex”

(Not for the Squeamish)

Explore you and
your partner’s

Performance Excellence
Sexual Appetite
Spirit of Cooperation
Communication Skill
Desire for Foreplay
Turn-ons and Hangups
Sexual Fears
Desire to Build a Relationship

Find out how traits can become harmonious and change incompatible to compatible


 Shapes and Forms like the Graphics in this book, have a language that your subconcious understands.  The tests will get you in touch with yourself…and your significant other!

The Author is an internationally know handwriting expert and a certified forensic document examiner

277 pages
22 Sexual Traits Tested
120 + black and white line-art images


“My husband and I have been married for almost ten years (second marriage with both our children grown). We have a great marriage and, with our combined experience and love for each other, we thought there was little we could improve upon in our sex life. Wrong! This book opened our minds to hangups and desires we didn’t know we had, and it made us talk about them with each other. The tests were fun to take. Amazingly, they were so accurate, we couldn’t believe the results. The abstract art graphics were so provacative, they gave us pause to think of what we were doing in the bedroom and how to make it better. And it has.”

“Graphic Sex is a book I wish was available 20 years ago, but it’s never too late! This racy, in many ways sound volume, has something for everyone, even if there is no lover on the horizon. Selecting one of four pictures that appeals to you, and then to your mate, you find yourself discussing your compatibilities in ways you never communicated before. A compendium in the back of the book explains how Mrs. Solomon derived her sketches. A copy should be on your coffee table–oops!make that night table.”

 “Not only does this book arouse one’s healthy interest in our hidden, deceptive?, sensual side of our personality, but it also delicately and delightfully helps us to understand our basic, instinctual motives and actions and how to change and improve them. Ms. Solomon’s interpretations are done so in a highly intelligent, respectful manner and are well supported by valid studies which makes this book worth reading. After taking the tests in the book, my friend and I arrived at a more honest place in our relationship, understand our different sexual needs better, and can now go forward with the improvement suggestions the author offers. It is much more than what we imagined and honestly well worth the price. But it doesn’t sit long enough on my coffee table, getting dog-eared; when company arrives they can’t resist browsing and they are always amazed at the accurate test results. Hope there is another book in the making by Shirl Solomon; she has such a keen insight into human nature. Written by a pleased owner of “Graphic Sex”, By The Sea in Central NJ.”

How to buy this book



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